Something that looks like this in Haskell. Ramda is a practical functional library for JavaScript programmers. Read-only environment using Readermonad 5. So, not much happening. The Maybe monad is used for dealing with nullable data. Perhaps, one that provides some of the common monads that you would see in Haskell like Maybe. There’s a reason we have things like exceptions and try…catchblocks. Blank Canvas is our Haskell library that provides the complete HTML5 Canvas API, using a strong remote monad … Checkout tests how to experiment with it. So we learned that the Maybe monad is good for dealing with nullable data, but what if we want to check the value of the data and do different things depending on the values. Let's look at another example with more steps. Studying and following Algebraic JavaScript Specification, it would be easy to attempt to implement various composable units, including Functor or Monad, what is the point? オブジェクトとは関連のあるデータと機能の集合です。(機能はたいていは変数と関数で構成されており、オブジェクトの中ではそれぞれプロパティとメソッドと呼ばれます。) どんなものか例を見てみましょう。 最初に oojs.html ãƒ•ã‚¡ã‚¤ãƒ«ã‚’手元にコピーしてください。このファイルにはちょっとした内容 â€” ソースコードを書き込むための