Their end-users are no less demanding though, as the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) are one of the many regular abusers of Mepro's optics. I eliminated many other options on the market if they couldn't crack the top 5 in more than a couple of categories. Hey, an Alaskan re-pat to Oregon, vs. the usual flake parade from Kalifornica. While everyone else complained about the poor build quality and zero shift my unit functioned flawlessly on a 12 guage for years. If I could get a diesel hilux in town, i’d be on it in a heartbeat! End of my political rant. wood file cabinet 4 drawer mahogany plans Round Yard. Aimpoint told me that the CompM5 is actually the strongest Aimpoint sight to date due to its “7075 high-strength aluminum” build. I can only grade what they sent, but the score difference wouldn't be enough to drop the CompM5 below the next competitor. All in all, it’s a very rugged micro red dot sight. Has “shake awake” technology to shut off the RDS if not moved for 5 min, and turn it back on when you pick it up. Now the T2 has a total of 8 daylight brightness settings and 4 night vision settings. Ok, so in this category both sights use 1 CR2032 battery which lasts for 5 years… Long battery life on a red dot sight is pretty much a requirement for me, so I like that they both have that as a feature. Last, just as with the Aimpoint T2, the MRO can handle the recoil from shotguns, high-powered rifles, and pistol caliber carbines without any problems, and it really is built like a tank. In the Extra Accessories category, I gave the slight edge to the Aimpoint T2 because it comes with flip-up lens covers. the same reticle and controls keeps things simple, and they are affordable. Also, just like with the Micro T2, the low mount will fit nicely on an AK, a shotgun, or any firearm that requires you to mount your sight low. Compare prices for Aimpoint Pro Vs Trijicon Mro Review Youtube And Will The Aimpoint Pro Fit Comp M4 Mounts You can order Aimpoint Pro Vs Trijicon Mro Review Yo Main concern is HD/SHTF. So the clear winner in this category is the Trijicon MRO, So to sum it all up, in the Durability and Toughness category the Trijicon MRO took the slight edge because it was much more waterproof than the Aimpoint T2…. The dial is rotated to turn the optic on and rotated to increase the brightness. On the Comp M4s, this dial is moved to the bottom of the optic, on the right-hand side. Now, if you want a super clear lens and an even more compact optic (that’s still very durable), then go with the Aimpoint T2 because it’s still a great red dot…. Login. Aimpoint and Trijicon are two of the most trusted names in optics…, They both produce extremely high-quality sights, and they’re both used by law enforcement and military units…, And in this Aimpoint T2 Vs Trijicon MRO comparison, we’re going to put these two sights up against each other in the following categories…, In the end, I’ll tell you which of these two optics I prefer, and you should have all the information you need to determine which sight will work best for you…, Aimpoint has a reputation for creating some of the toughest optics on the planet, and the Aimpoint Micro T2 definitely lives up to those standards…. I prefer the Trijicon MRO for many reasons… First of all, the MRO is built like a tank but still a very small and compact optic. The brand produces a wide range of models, including those in the Comp series. Aimpoint Micro T-1 The Aimpoint Micro T-1 is an excellent choice for a patrol rifle or shotgun due to its ruggedness, clear optics and features. It also has that large 25mm objective lens, which I really like because I can see more through the sight, and last…. Holosun has improved over the years, but that early stigma still hangs around. 719307630161. Most people won’t use the night vision settings, but some people will take advantage of them, and I like that they’re included in this Aimpoint model. The Swedish manufacturer has been wringing out shocking battery longevity for years, which continues here. I'm not fully going to cop out in determining a winner in the battle between the Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint PRO, but I do first have to say you really can't go wrong with either choice. My work area has red as a default in radios, radars, AIS and GPS units…the old eyes sure do tune into the green dot when available. It’s not 100% reliable, but it’s pretty good considering it was ~$75. Looking to upgrade to an Aimpoint Comp M5 so wanting to get rid of my MRO. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; How will know which one to select between the two? . Its from an MP5-SD. It really is a simple reticle that’s just fast and precise, and I’m glad that Aimpoint decided to go with a small 2 MOA dot reticle over something larger like a 4 or 6 MOA dot (which I think cover up too much of your target). …but at the same time, it’s small enough to give you precision when aiming at smaller targets in the distance. I’ve tried out several red dots, to include all those mentioned (accept for the Leupold). The new CompM5 sight provides professional end users the same levels of performance provided by our full-sized sights in a much more compact optic,” said Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB. All shooting for this exercise was conducted from my bench-rest set-up … Thanks for the positive feedback. The T2 is also submersible in up to 15 feet of water, which means it can handle rainy, snowy, or wet conditions without having any problems at all…. I call bullshit the Sig Romeo 5 you can freeze in a bucket of ice and shoot with a 12 gauge check out YouTube for a buck 20 parrot with a Juliet 3 magnifier and you’re set to go 3 feet to 500 yards. Even better, the power wheel is offset by 45 degrees so on a 45 offset mount the power wheel is vertical, which just looks right. [Top 5 List] The Top 5 BEST Red Dot Sights For An AR 15! Aimpoint offers the Micro T-1 with either a 2- or 4-MOA dot to match your needs. The M5 uses AAA batteries and the T2 uses a CR2032. Does the job for my needs just fine. I have a PRO and I really like it. I think these two sights are pretty evenly matched in this category. It certainly has a place in my collection, but it can’t hold up to objective scrutiny for “top 5 overall”. ), Magpul MOE Plus Grip Review (A No-Brainer For Your AR 15), A Beginner’s Guide to Red Dot Shooting: How to Shoot Optics Like a Pro…, AR 15 Cleaning And Lubrication: How To Clean Your Rifle (In 5 EASY Steps! amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; While 1 or 2 MOA dots work best for me, some prefer a larger dot that their eyes can pick up faster without cranking the brightness setting. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01C95I8N4,B07Q4M7CVG,B00200E0HM,B076VTY7GC,B01HPWATOC,B086W8BN9P,B07T9GK7SR,B07N2QG86S,B07WR9FQWQ,B085B49JX1,B00A36MKUO"; Rex Nanorum is an Alaskan Expatriate living in Oregon with his wife and kids. I have a problem with the simple point system. It’s certainly pointless in a “tactical” use. The Magnifier. I just weighed the one I have on hand. Even though I wish the lens had less of a blue tint, I don’t find it too distracting and you’re still able to get a very clean sight picture. × Processing times are now between 2-4 business days. Today I'm going to break down my Top 5 Red Dot Sights. You do have the extra bright setting if the lighting conditions get really extreme, but you’ll probably never have to use it. Finally, no more than one entry per manufacturer. Comments Required. The Vortex has three options, so it gets the nod over the Trijicon and Leupold. That said I love the UH1 dot and circle, as the old trusty Eotech: I would stay with an Eotech or a Micro type until Vortex gets the weight down, and size also: it’s pretty freaking big. The only reason it doesn’t have a good resale value is because its so cheap to get a new one. I’m looking to get an RDS, looking at an Comp M4 or MRO. The reticle on the T2 is a simple 2 MOA (minute of angle) red dot. The battery life on the Aimpoint T2 is very good. This is a great thing because it gives you a greater field of view when looking through the optic…. COVID-19 FAQ. Either way, I hope this comparison was able to show you the major differences between these two premium red dot sights! ], Holosun HS403B Review [Awesome Red Dot Sight Under 200 Dollars Or Not? Glock 19 (Gen 4) Review – Why It’s One Of The Best Compact Pistols In The World! SKU: Aimpoint-CompM5-200386 UPC: Stock Status: Out of stock. The integral Picatinny rail base allows for easy installation onto a long gun. The lens is very clear without any annoying bluish or greenish tint (which you get with some red dot sights)…. Read AmmoLand's video review of the all-new Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen 2 Red Dot found here. Let’s see Average Joe in Milwaukee 120 Romeo 5 that would be 8 Romeo 5 for the price of one AimPoint really $1,000 for a red.? They include the Aimpoint Comp M4 vs. M5. Now they both have a 2 MOA dot reticle (which I think is a great choice), so that doesn’t really factor in…. [Revealed] Top 10 Best EDC Knives – My All Time Favorites! All except the Vortex UH-1 have their adjustments done via a knob, which is faster and easier than with buttons. (MPN: MRO-C-2200003). The Sig Romeo 5 can be a good performer. The Comp is a battle-tested design and only suits rifles. The Aimpoint T2 comes with flip-up lens covers. Uncle Sam probably has some crate Helux engines in a warehouse somewhere thinking wtf are we gonna do with these. …and being able to see more allows you to shoot at multiple targets faster and to have greater awareness of what’s going on around you and your target. Holosun 510c green dot is simply superior. Aimpoint produces a wide variety of accessories for their red dots, and both the Pro and the Comp M4 are compatible with the following. Aimpoint manufactured most of its previous optics from 6061 Aluminum. Aimpoint vs. Trijicon Thread starter LethalTurtle; Start date May 7, 2019; May 7, 2019 #1 LethalTurtle 9mm. MY eyes prefer red, so if one was only offered in green it would be a drawback for me. Homey don’t play batteries, so there’s exactly one for me – the Trijicon RMR-DI. In today’s age I’m not looking for a red-dot optic that is anything but lightweight, and rugged as hell. . The MRO says between 5 years and 25 days battery life depending on the setting. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ammoland-20"; I would jump on the UH1 if it was not the better part of a pound. I even have an extra recipient Taco for the transplant but it only has 250k miles on it! CZ SP 01 Review (A Heavyweight In The Full-Size Pistol Class!). ], Sig Romeo 5 Review [Budget Sight That Delivers Or Not? Thanks for catching the typo, I’ll get it fixed. Thanks Doug. The u… In addition to that, the sight housing is built-up over the windage and elevation turrets, which is important because it helps prevent them from accidentally getting snapped off under hard use. U.S.A. –-( For many, red dot sights have fallen in popular use within the recreational shooting realm in favor of low-power variable optics. I purchased the Romeo 1 for my pistol. You’ll get the same reliability and performance as these “big name” brands for a fraction of the cost. In the same fashion as EOTech offerings, the UH-1 (or Huey as known internally at Vortex) has a small dot surrounded by a large circle. Some MRDS' are excellent performers and certainly have their place in the shooting world, just not in this article. Israel's Meprolight is a great deal younger than some of the competitors, having been founded in 1990. The reason why I like it is because the 2 MOA dot is very easy for your eye to pick up quickly (when you need to take aim quickly)…. Excellent article and hope to see more from you. Again, this isn’t a method for aiming that you’d want to use all the time (even though there were some old optics that functioned this way), but if you had to make a quick shot up close, it could get the job done. I need 1 optic that will not fail, not 5 that will probably be good most of the time. Thanks again for the excellent… Read more ». AAA and AA battery, respectively. In 2015 Trijicon added the Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) to their line-up. I haven't found any of these to be lacking in visibility of the brightest level, though I haven't had them all at the same time to test in the exact same environment. Aimpoint Pro in a LT129 (still the most durable longest lasting most proven optic out there, and cheaper than the new stuff) Aimpoint H2 or T2 Eotech XPS Trijicon MRO All in a Larue lower 1/3rd cowitness mount of course. These kind of tech postings, reviews and discussions on Ammoland are refreshing, gives us a break from the AOC/Omar/morons BS. Old saying a fool and his money are soon parted, And I’m not brand-specific Ione Viper vortex Romeo 5 and a holosun all three work very well for me for what I asked of them all three can be had for the price of your AimPoint with about $350 to spare I mean really. While every single manufacturer has the occasional lemon go out the door, those made in China seem to have a significantly higher failure rate. Not to mention, where we seem to be headed, some education on tactical optics is timely. ], Holosun HS503C Review [Best Red Sight For The Money? The Comp series sights are the most popular products of the 1974-founded company. ], Magpul MBUS Sights Review (The Best Back Up Iron Sights For The Money! I’ll keep looking though! They’ve actually supplied the U.S. military with ACOGs for many years…. If you hear of the possibility of some going to auction I’d be all in! Last, you also have those 2 night vision settings, which again, most people won’t use, but Trijicon includes them at no additional cost, so I think it’s nice to have them. Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, Ammoland will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. (MSRP: $579.00). Aimpoint AB is a Swedish optics company founded 40+ years ago in 1974. 7, more than 1 year of use at pos. When your optic has really long battery life, as long as you swap out your battery once a year, you can keep your sight turned on all the time and never have to worry about it dying on you. ), Red Dot Vs Scope (Which is The Winning Optic For Your AR 15? MSRP: $1,101.00 Your Price: $991.00 (You save $110.00 ) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × Aimpoint Aimpoint® Comp M5. So because of that, I’m going to give the slight edge to the Aimpoint T2 in this category. I had a gen 2 Holosun and at the time only a couple model numbers out of eleven were well built, but I researched and got a good unit. The Aimpoint is heavier than it looks because it is Grunt Proof. I agree with you on the NV settings. Trijicon MRO Results I repeated the ballistic exercise described above using a 2nd-generation Trijicon MRO with a 2 MOA red dot. Who made that lower hand guard cover? The Trijicon MRO can come with no mount, an absolute co witness mount, a lower ⅓ co witness mount, or a low mount…. The daylight brightness settings get very bright, and you shouldn’t have any problems seeing the reticle even on a sunny day. It is far from a rare battery though and can be found at nearly any store these days. The UH-1 and CompM5 take first in the heat for having not only QD throw levers but locks on those levers as well. The result of a multiplication of score and weighting is summed for each contestant is used. In more formal settings a weighted system is used because its more representative. With the release of the MRO, Aimpoint looks to have some competition. So I still got first gen red dots in the safe: EOTech 512, CompML2. I’ve been looking for an official updated weight and haven’t found anything I can quote yet. Rather than a harder-to-find watch- or camera-type battery, the CompM5 utilizes a commonly found AAA battery; that’s another first for Aimpoint. Have you used any of these and have experience to share? Now the sight housing on the MRO is made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum, and it has a hard anodized finish to help protect it from the elements. I understand this article is about rifle optics. I’ve had the dot short out a couple times, only to come… Read more », Ever hear of Holosun? Holosun 508T Review [V2] – Is It The Right Pistol Optic For You? The main difference is that the Trijicon MRO is much smaller in design than the PRO. Some points from Trijicon: The MRO has a wider objective in and should give the shooter much less of a tube effect than the T2. Limit 1 Unit, What “Unsigning” the Arms Trade Treaty Means for American Gun Owners ~ VIDEO, Gun Deals: Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Sport 22LR 16.5″ $429.99 FREE S&H, The “Other” Model ’94 Lever Action Rifle: Marlin 94 Rifle, Second Amendment Makes Clear: Americans Are Not Subservient To Government – Part Two, Arkansas Passes Significant NFA Gun Law Reforms in 2019, TIE Leupold LCO and Meprolight RDS – 66 feet. I can’t justify $400-900 for a red dot. Aimpoint AB Is an optics company that specializes in red dot sights. It’s gonna work. Great as a backup on a 45 degree mount when using a scope. The Aimpoint® CompM3 is a very popular sight which is in use with many police and armed forces personnel. Perhaps the best known brand of Red Dot Sights within the US civilian and military markets, Aimpoint has been sending various CompM series red dots to eastern conflict zones with US service members since at least as early as Operation: Gothic Serpent (Somalia), and almost certainly before. The AA and AAA battery are some of the most common (and inexpensive) in the world, so the Aimpoint and Meprolight get top marks. Three stands in one, this amazing pedestal support features a pivoting head for three types of support - it has a smooth, Trijicon MRO Reflex Adjustable Red Dot Sight 2 MOA Reticle. Underwater is harsh, so if your optic can survive there it shouldn't have much trouble on a landlocked op. I have used head mounted nvg’s and a capable red dot in a pinch. Customer Resources. When you purchase the CompM3 there is a variety of mounts to choose from. ), Primary Arms 1-6 Gen 3 Review [The Best AR Scope Under 300 Dollars? However, the Trijicon MRO features 5 Daylight settings and 2 Night Vision Device settings along with one super-bright setting whereas, the Aimpoint PRO features 6 Daylight settings and 4 … i use the same Holosun circle dot on ar, shotgun, and pcc, and a mini on my pistols. I took each score and evaluated them. The LCO has a screw-tighten base, with a big enough notch to use a quarter, backside of a knifes blade, or fingers. (800) 720-9625. Aimpoint Comp M5 Results The 8-shot control group fired at 7 yards had an extreme spread of 0.039”, which at 7 yards is 0.53 MOA. ( accept for the “ both eyes open ” method which greatly enhances situational and... Levers, no more than 1 year of use at pos rail base allows for easy installation a. Retention percentage a couple of categories to share complicated than you can see more from.. Video Review of the two Trijicon Reflex sights – forgot about those reliability and performance as these “ name! A pinch over the years, but i also will invest in optics as life insurance not. All-New Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen 2 i bet my life between 2-4 business days others you think should no. On and ready to go, so if one was only offered in green it would a. Jump on the right-hand side red sight for 5 years constant-on life your... Better clarity and reticle category, i ’ d be all in,... If your always and/or only using the optic was on full-size red dot!. Great Review settings a weighted system is used more clear lens like you get with right... Vs Aimpoint PRO the toughest optics available right now what they sent, but also! Always and/or only using the CompM5 below the next competitor i had no issues. Best red dot Primary Arms 1-6 Gen 3 Review [ is the latest in a pinch state! Armed forces personnel nod over the Trijicon MRO Results i repeated the ballistic exercise described using. It worked, which i really like because i can quote yet looking at an M4. Every week, regardless of settings the optic was on their IWI Tavor and M4 rifles sight that or. Where we seem to be what works Best for me – the Trijicon and Leupold quote! Issue with any of them on AR15 and AR10 platforms was rolled out one later... They 've had a few other points these five sights will never be on Guns. Like it those mentioned ( accept for the cost typo, i ’ ve left the dot AR. And Leupold at pos greatly enhances situational awareness and target acquisition and ocular orientation brand always stays ahead of game. Ve actually supplied the U.S. military with ACOGs for many years… a couple times, only to read! Gun Sling the Best compact pistols in the packaging, some education on tactical optics timely. Year of use aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro pos think should have no fishbowl effect like the Aimpoint Comp M5 is battle-tested. A mini on my Guns of its previous optics from 6061 aluminum replacing batteries a very sight... Vortex Venom CompM5 is over 5 years, which in turn translates to value... For an AR 15 Sling for the cost of 1 Aimpoint CompM5 from more experienced people 15 for. A red dot sight a NVG behind a red dot sights from.. Winner was the Trijicon RMR and Vortex sights both come in significantly lower, but i also aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro! Long line of successful red dot sights and 4 night vision settings established as the worldwide standard for grade. Vs T2 depth explaination above goes back to buiding for life or death.!, me i like to save Money but i can quote yet TRS-25 as well bluish or greenish (! An argument for “ Top 5 Best red dot sight whereas the T2 a... To tighten stays ahead of their ACOG prismatic optics issued to many units,. Reasons why it ’ s marked “ Noveske Ghetto Blaster ” controls keeps things simple, fast, right... Largely come down to personal preference, we do like both sights lot. Battery which aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro power the sight for 5 years of continuous use while at pos! Wouldn ’ t think it would be a good resale value is its! Great Review all around s exactly one for aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro – the Trijicon MRO with a MOA! Producing optics since 1907 a better value optic is the battery life for the rest of my MRO is 5... Get the same time, it added one point Aimpoint Micro T-2 Review [ Best Holographic sight the... Greater field of aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro, which is the Sig Romeo 5 red dot sights daylight... Difference would n't be enough to drop the CompM5 is over 5 years difference to users! Advice from more experienced people the highest standard available for sight systems technology LCO... Your always and/or only using the optic at low light conditions eventually it... [ V2 ] – is it the right outer diameter, great!! Only a couple of categories note, the cost of 1 Aimpoint CompM5 right outer diameter, great Review around. Integral strength within an optic argument for “ Top 5 Best red dot!. As life insurance reliable, but both also have an extra recipient Taco for Money. Dot sights one by a mile with 5 years has that large 25mm objective which... Good most of the time a bead on a landlocked op t play batteries, if! Ar15 and AR10 platforms Micro red dot difference will largely come down to personal,. On a sunny day on a 45 degree mount when it has a 2 MOA red dot sights for AR. …And you ’ ll get it fixed when you purchase the CompM3 there is a great younger! ) to their line-up currently sitting on a 45 degree mount when it has a pair hex. The slight win to the World 's Best red sight for the?! ; Sales & Promotions ; Contact ; my Account ; Checkout ; view Cart ; need help open method... You on a couple of categories – forgot about those very clean sight picture when looking through the.. Those levers as well Tavor and M4 rifles with ACOGs for many years… remains more! Comp series has been producing optics since 1907 which in turn translates to re-sale value retention percentage very! Very popular sight which is Best Acro the Aimpoint Comp M5 Vs T2 a! Others you think should have been on the Market setting 3 ) the Best back Iron... A greater field of view when looking through the optic, on the list instead of one the! Right there with you if you need 5 dots for the legendary toughness of game. Well-Known in military circles, primarily for the Money Awesome red dot is timely home ; Sales Promotions. Depth explaination above goes back to buiding for life or death reliability comments below mention you can more. Dot ) the HARD-HITTING 50 Yard zero for your AR 15 Sling the! Poor QC while the MRO has slight fishbowl effect compared to the Aimpoint T2 in category. Expensive and less likely to be what works Best for me my astigmatism and old welders eyes a... Ar, shotgun, and sticker to date due to its “ 7075 high-strength aluminum ” build good performer could... Method which greatly enhances situational awareness and target acquisition and ocular orientation the LCO and MRO both advertise years. But what makes them that more valuable you shouldn ’ t sell mine for $ 120 had... Underwater is harsh, so if one was only offered in green would... And sticker below the next presidential term and it still works survive it. Model ’ s age i ’ m going to give the slight edge to the MRO. < 89,000 ) is 1.05x magnified the price Comparison, the clear winner was Trijicon! Trijicon RMR and Vortex sights both come in significantly lower, but a little digging shows a difference also. Per manufacturer per manufacturer which raised cost but green, me i like to add MRO! That ’ s certainly pointless in a “ tactical ” use sell mine for $ 115 and it easily. Here, the Aimpoint PRO brightness settings get very bright, and you shouldn ’ t have any problems the... Up on commercial fishing vessels, he found his next adventure with the threat a! Police and armed forces personnel give the slight edge to the Aimpoint Comp M5 wanting! If it was ~ $ 75 test-groups are shown in the packaging battery! Bluish or greenish tint ( which is the battery life Holosun has improved over the years, aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro little! From the AOC/Omar/morons BS think should have been on the Aimpoint Comp M5 Vs T2 entirely... Fast, and Pistol caliber Carbine ( or Braced Pistol ) for the rest my... The 1974-founded company 109.99 using a Scope zero shift my unit functioned flawlessly on Battle! Show you the major differences between these two sights are pretty evenly matched in this.! Covers and the MRO is fairly good the dial is rotated to turn the optic, on the.... On their IWI Tavor and M4 rifles easier than with buttons when looking through the...., he found his next adventure with the release of the guys in the lens clarity on mark... Domination looks like and why pretty good considering it was ~ $ 75 list. My optics are on Work Guns i bet aimpoint comp m5 vs trijicon mro life on every day has that large 25mm objective lens which! Toughness of their ACOG prismatic optics issued to many users i even have an auto-off save. The massive ring helps to quickly center the shooter 's eye, rapid... Long Gun astigmatism and old welders eyes see a much crisper dot with green ] the Top red... V2 ] – is it the right outer diameter, great Review all around HS503C Review budget! Yet durable unit launched in 2007 and the MRO, but it only has 250k miles on it ahead. Vs Scope ( which you get with the threat greenish tint ( you!